Monday, September 10, 2012

New Mobile Friendly site for A-1 Glass

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We have a new Mobile friendly site. When you visit on your mobile device you will see a Mobile friendly version of our site. You will see various links to contact us, receive a quote,  or learn about our company. You will also have the ability to view our full site. You will be able to press on your touch screen to call us directly or view a map to our location.

We have discovered, as most other sites, that more and more people are coming to our site from a mobile device.  Since January 1st, over 10% of our visitors are using mobile phones or tablets to view our site.  We expect this to only increase as mobile devices become more prevalent.

Our mobile friendly interface was created by the fine folks from Mader Web Design and Venue Valet in Austin,Texas (  In addition to Mobile friendly sites they also feature mobile apps for iPhone and Android and other offerings that turn customer loyalty into results. They offer a mobile centric loyalty platform for markets that depend on the loyalty of their customer base for continued growth and success.