Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Windshield I.Q

Most motorists don't realize the windshield plays and important role in the vehicle's safety restraint system (SRS), which also included air bags and seat belts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports over 40,000 Americans are killed and over 5 million injured every year in highway crashes. Over 30% of the fatalities occur when vehicle occupants are either ejected from the vehicle or injured during rollovers.
A-1 Glass advises that every vehicle owner should be aware of the 5 most important safety functions preformed by their windshield:
1. Visibility: Windshields can become pitted and scratched from dirt and sand particles. Pebbles and stones can fracture the glass causing damage that, if left unattended, can break and require replacement and can affect vision.
2. Airbag Support: In many cars and trucks, the windshield supports the passenger side airbag during deployment. If a windshield is replaced improperly, the windshield could become detached from the vehicle in an accident. if this happens, the passenger side airbag will not deploy properly.
3. Cushion during accidents: Windshields cushion the blow if a vehicle occupant is thrown forward in a crash. Windshields are made of 2 layers of glass with polyvinyl material in the middle. The glass may break, but the polyvinyl layer is flexible and cushions the impact. This feature explain why windshields are made of glass not plastic. Plastic is rigid and unforgiving to a person's head and neck.
4. Barrier to ejection: The windshield cushions the occupants with the relative safety of the passenger compartment. If the windshield becomes separated from the vehicle, the occupants could be ejected through the windshield opening and into the roadway.
5. Passenger compartment integrity: Years ago, most vehicles had steel A-Pillars to support the roof. Today, it is the windshield that provides much of the support that prevents the roof's collapse during vehicle roll-overs.

The windshield must remain securely in place on the vehicle. if the windshield dislodges for any reason, it will not perform ad designed.

All A-1 technicians take your safety seriously that is why all our technicians are AGRSS certified.

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